I found out in Mass Effect 1, you can dress your squad to look like bees.


My Shepard gives her alien crew all sorts of misinformation about earth customs. 

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Continuation of the team JNPR artworks will be up soon.

But for now here’s some team RWBY sketches I drew a while back. 

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Important things to consider with your OCs:


  • How they would react upon accidentally walking into a glass door
  • Their reaction to having their name spelt wrong on a Starbucks drink
  • What kind of vines they would make
  • Their reaction to your favourite character
  • How they would play The Sims
  • What their finishing move would be
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"They’re 5 years in, so the butterflies are gone. It’s nice to see a comfortable relationship where affectionate little touches or the way they sit together, has a comfort level to it and support. Astrid is the type of character that is not going to be afraid to call Hiccup on his nonsense, to be the reason when he is too absorbed in his own indecision. I think that’s really great.  If anything…Astrid is saving Hiccup in this movie instead of the other way around."

-Dean DeBlois 

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oh yeah have i ever shown u my sister’s jumper


oh yeah have i ever shown u my sister’s jumper

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I was scared and then I remembered Lazer Team

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this is what im on tumblr for


this is what im on tumblr for

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a bread sandwich

just three pieces of bread stacked on top of each other

that’s my kind of sandwich

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This woman my family is pretty close to went to the hospital last week for bronchitis and she died yesterday of cancer she didnt know she had

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